Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thirty five

Another birthday. Celebrating with friends and family at the farm was just perfect. Great food, yummy drinks, and a passel of free range kids - what could be better? Then off to NW Trek with Eric, Magpie, and Paakka for the slug festival which will be even more fun when M can participate in the slug races.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sailing and grit

Brave new world here as I try to post from my new toy (thanks Eric!).

Swim class this weekend failed miserably but I chalked it up a sick Magpie on the mend so we headed to the zoo and met up with Pakka for a great morning. good thing we went early as it was the first real summery day and PDZA was thoroughly overrun with people by the time we left. We took advantage of the sun and headed out on Pakka's boat for a sail. great fun but M was really most interested in the flashlight from the nav station.

Saturday evening was nice and lowkey with our first dinner on the deck.

Sunday we headed down to the Fair for the MotherEarth News fair for a morning of green living and DIY fun. We didn't have the best luck with classes until my afternoon canning class, but picked up some books and a cheese kit and did some great people-watching. I am very excited about the canning class and predict that this will be the year of the pickle at the farm.

Speaking of the farm, while I enjoyed my class E and M headed to the farm to meet some friends, do some work, and have some fun. much weeding and tilling was done. M watered.