Saturday, April 16, 2011

cheating part 2

We did another round of starts in April - I believe it was April 16 so that is the date I am using. More onions (I had an unfortunate watering incident wherein I watered bunching onions that we supposed to be started later - purplettes were one of the favorites last year), regular sugar snap peas, cilantro, at least. I will have to double check on other things when I am not cheating.

When we plant these starts we use 1-inch "plug" starts in flats of 7 by 11 which were rescued from a local non-profit who decided they had outlived their usefulness. They are pretty awesome, although unfortunately the geese thought so too and ate at them over the winter.

Anyhow, the previously planted starts are pushing their way up but not yet ready to plant so we know have a pretty large collection of starts in the greenhouse. Good thing the green house is enormous. It actually got sunny today, so it was also quite warm for a bit.

After a long day at the farm I stopped, dirty with a dirty Magpie, for a very civilized wine tasting. I love my wine shop that way - tastings every Saturday and coming with farm dirt just means you have stories to tell. Anyhow, I wanted to buy a French white (unlike me) because I was desperate to make this. It took longer than I thought, but Eric was off playing poker (well earned after a long day) so my mom came over and we cooked and watched movies with the Magpie and eventually enjoyed some french onion deliciousness. And all of the wine. Cheers!

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