Sunday, March 27, 2011

cheating on my blog

I am dating this post March 27 but that is a total lie. It's really May and I failed miserably in my first two months of documenting the farm and anything else. Part of this is because we went to Ogden to visit my sister, which included the MOMENTOUS occasion of getting Margaret on skis. Part of it is that I have been working extra days. But mostly, honestly, it's because I haven't made the time to do it. So, I am cheating.

I am fairly sure that on March 27 we planted a ton of seeds. These included a huge number of "bunching" onions (basically green onions or scallions), lacinato or black dinosaur kale, broccoli (at least 2 kinds), purple cabbage, green cabbage (77 starts - my mom did an entire flat), some Amish peas for seed savers, a few kinds of mustards and Asian greens, collards, and probably a few other things I can't recall because IT WAS SIX WEEKS AGO.

The cabbage is exciting because I made sauerkraut last year and canned it myself and it was delicious. And well we won't have farm pig to enjoy with it this year I am sure I can make due with a substitute. The onions were a huge hit, I loved the kale and other greens.

I think we planted 5 flats of seeds - about 400 starts. We are still working on "smarter". And we are committing to thinning.

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