Sunday, July 24, 2011


What do you do with 13 lbs of green cabbage? In our house you make kraut. This was one of my favorite farm successes last year and while we won't have farm pig to go with it it will be great for all kinds of applications. This was four very large and oddly conical head of Danish ballhead cabbage and 8 tbs of pickling salt. It was fresh enough that no extra brine was needed and I am at about 1/2 capacity in my 3 gallon pickling crock. Last year I used food grade plastic buckets and am excited to break-in the crock.

I think my yield will be about 15 pint jars. I must pack it as that math doesn't translate. It is finally summer here so hopefully fermentation will be fast but not go off the rails. We have a lot more cabbage out there.

Incidentally, kraut Is vastly easier when using a food processor with a slicer attachment. I managed to do mine in about an hour start to finish. The Magpie crashed en route home from Seattle after a very successful 24 hr visit from her buddies Henry and Iris. Not much sleep to be had but lots and lots of fun including NW Trek and the farm. We will have to do that again soon.

Eric off at Rainier today emoting some split board action with Robie and I am looking forward to easy dinner out after the crazy weekend!

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